Women's 109 Years Younger Secrets Revealed


Jessie Gallan crowned the oldest woman in Scotland. Women are usually called Jessie did reveal some secret of eternal youth.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (01/17/2015), 109-year-old woman said that one of the secrets have a long life is to eat porridge every day and do not interact with men.

Jessie said never married and dating a man. Daily activities was only a friendly woman working at a hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland, and sometimes help in the kitchen of a farm.

Women's 109 Years Younger Secrets Revealed

"The secret I have a long life is not dealing with men. They usually just make trouble, "said Jessie.

"I also often exercise and eat a bowl of porridge every morning," said the woman who is now living in a nursing home in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Jessie added that he is a hard worker and rarely take a holiday at work.

As is known, Jessie celebrate my birthday on January 2, 2015 with a lunch and a slice of cake at Crosby House care home in Aberdeen.