Iran to Launch Official Dating Sites


The Iranian government plans to combat sex before marriage in a way that the official launch dating site. The site is expected to facilitate young people in Iran choosing a life partner without sexual contact.

As reported by the Middle East, Friday (16/01/2014), an official in Iran said that the site will be launched in the next few days.

The Iranian government strictly prohibits sexual contact before marriage, but there is no habit of allowing lovers marriage contract for an hour or so-called sigheh.

Iran to Launch Official Dating Sites

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Mahmoud Gholrazi said that currently there are 300 sites that are considered 'illegal and immoral'. The site is often practiced sigheh.

Therefore, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Iran will cooperate with Islamic propaganda organizations in launching a new website. Through these sites, young people can sign up and introduce himself formally.

This site will be the same as other social networking media that displays photos and personal biography.

The Iranian government once tried to make the correct rules of marriage and prevent the rise of divorce in large cities, as happened in Tehran.