Valencia Aims Senior midfielder MU


Valencia target Darren Fletcher. Manchester United player can be obtained free of charge because the contract will soon berakhir.Oleh MU, Fletcher hired until June 2015. So far there is no sign of the proposed contract extension Red Devils camp.

Valencia hope MU willing to give his players during the January transfer window is still open. Possibility, Valencia would first borrow the player before finally handed a permanent contract.

Darren Fletcher

Besides Valencia, Fletcher also desirable West Bromwich Albion. But the desire West Brom failed to materialize because of MU refused to remove his players.

In this season Fletcher has played in 11 games. But he was only four times chosen as the core players. The rest Fletcher started the game from the bench.

Manchester United manager, Louis Van Gaal remove the vice captain who previously held Fletcher. According to Van Gaal, Scot was considered weak in defending the ball.