"Black box, Airbus are in the zone "graveyard of ships"


Search for "black boxes" in the Java Sea crashed aircraft airline Air Asia suspended Friday evening due to strong waves.

"Because of the strong emotion to search suspended until the sea calms down," - said director of operations of the National Search and Rescue Management Indonesia Supriyadi, quoted by Detik.com.

He added that experts from the National Transportation Safety Committee (NKBT) Indonesia, the which is tasked with finding the "black boxes", are already on board one of the ships participating in the operation.

"Black box, Airbus are in the zone "graveyard of ships"

The search for the Wreckage complicated by the fact that in the same area in 1942 went on one of the Largest battles of the Second World War, and rescuers discover artifacts of Reviews those times.

Java Sea was the site of one of the most costly for Allied naval battles of World War II in February and March 1942. Naval forces ABDA, consisting of ships of the Netherlands, the UK, Australia and the United States were almost completely destroyed trying to defend Java from Japanese attack.

Total Allied forces then lost eight warships and no less than 2,300 sailors, while the Japanese lost two destroyers and 36 sailors.

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